Birth Affirmations

Birth affirmations can be a great addition to a birthing space & can be a huge comfort during labor. Recently, we’ve been asked where the best places to get birth affirmations are so we thought we’d compile a list of resources. Enjoy!



Affirmation cards can be purchased online from Birth Without Fear and several Etsy shops. There are a variety of options on Etsy; if you find a shop you love please let us know so we can tell other LSM families!

Pinterest is a great resource for printable (and often free!) affirmations. There are many, many options and styles that you could choose to display at your birth or you can use a Pinterest search for inspiration.


You can make affirmations out of absolutely anything; drawings, paintings, pictures, quotes, scripture, flags, etc. You can make them yourself and with your family or friends.  If you’re having a baby shower or blessingway a fun activity can be to have your guests make an affirmation for you.

Birth art and affirmations can be displayed in many ways at a birth; taped to the wall, hung from string, tucked into the bathroom mirror, and more. Your midwife and other birth team members are also happy to read affirmations aloud to moms if that is comforting and helpful.




For more affirmation ideas, see the following links:


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