Patience in Pregnancy

Image from Glow Doula

Patience and trust are key parts of pregnancy and parenting.

Whether it’s patience and grace with the changes in your body, your always-up-at-2am newborn, or your rambunctious 5 year old, patience is key.

Remember to breathe and ground yourself when things are hard. None of us can control or predict labor, birth or who the little beings we bring into this world are. Having an open mind and embracing the wild ride that is parenting will go a long way.


Herbal Infusions

Dried chamomile.

An herbal infusion is a concentrated and highly potent version of herbal tea. Herbs are filled with micronutrients and can be beneficial to overall health especially during pregnancy. One herb that is specifically beneficial in pregnancy is nettle; we recommend that all our clients make nettle infusions throughout pregnancy. Nettle contains calcium and magnesium which all pregnant women need -especially if they are having leg cramps or trouble sleeping.

To make an herbal infusion boil roughly 1 quart of water per 1 ounce of dry herb material. Pour the boiling water over the fullsizerenderherbs in a glass jar, put the lid on tightly and let steep for 6+ hours or overnight on the countertop or in the fridge. After steeping, strain out the plant matter and drink 2-4 cups per day either warm or cold. Some people like to add ice, honey, agave or other sweetener to their infusions. Depending on the specific herb and the amount used the infusion may have a very plant-like taste. Infusions will last for about 36 hours in the refrigerator.

There are other herbs that can be beneficial in pregnancy for specific discomforts or needs. If you are interested in other infusions please check with your midwife.

Chamomile Infusion -useful for calming and as a sleep aid. Safe in pregnancy.

Labor Snacks & Drinks

Giving birth is a lot of hard work and moms (and partners!) need to eat and drink throughout labor in order to keep up their energy. A woman’s desire to eat may change throughout the course of her labor so it is important to have a variety of options to choose from. You’ll want to choose things that are nutrient and protein filled, easily digestible, and don’t require too much time to chew or eat.

In early labor, moms don’t always have a strong appetite but they are able to eat a good meal despite that. Having something with protein and substance such as eggs and peanut butter toast or leftover dinner can be a good thing to do in early labor. It’s important to stay well hydrated throughout pregnancy and especially early labor. Water, tea or any electrolyte or sports drink are great options.

As labor progresses the desire to eat typically decreases. However, it’s very important to keep taking small bites of food and sipping on fluids. Oatmeal with peanut butter and coconut oil stirred in, peanut butter toast, chopped fruit, Greek yogurt with honey, and chicken or bone broth are all great things to have on hand. Honey is an excellent food to have in the house during labor. Honey sticks can be great or simply a jar of honey that you can eat by spoon. It’s also important to have a variety of fluids available. Smart Water, Gatorade or another sports drink, Emergen-C packets and “labor aide” are all great things to rotate through.

After your baby arrives, your midwives will encourage you to eat a full meal & keep drinking. Many families have eggs, toast and fruit. Some people have leftovers from previous dinners, grilled cheese, yogurt, pretty much anything with a lot of calories and protein works!

fullsizerenderMany families ask if they should have anything in particular in the house for the birth team. To that question we typically say “nope!”. Home birth midwives are great at taking care of themselves and also finding their way around kitchens. We’ll help ourselves to a snack if we need it and if your labor is longer we may order food or one
member of the team might go pick up food.

Remember labor snacks should be: easy to digest, easy to eat & you should have plenty of options! Happy labor prepping!


Birth Affirmations

Birth affirmations can be a great addition to a birthing space & can be a huge comfort during labor. Recently, we’ve been asked where the best places to get birth affirmations are so we thought we’d compile a list of resources. Enjoy!



Affirmation cards can be purchased online from Birth Without Fear and several Etsy shops. There are a variety of options on Etsy; if you find a shop you love please let us know so we can tell other LSM families!

Pinterest is a great resource for printable (and often free!) affirmations. There are many, many options and styles that you could choose to display at your birth or you can use a Pinterest search for inspiration.


You can make affirmations out of absolutely anything; drawings, paintings, pictures, quotes, scripture, flags, etc. You can make them yourself and with your family or friends.  If you’re having a baby shower or blessingway a fun activity can be to have your guests make an affirmation for you.

Birth art and affirmations can be displayed in many ways at a birth; taped to the wall, hung from string, tucked into the bathroom mirror, and more. Your midwife and other birth team members are also happy to read affirmations aloud to moms if that is comforting and helpful.




For more affirmation ideas, see the following links: